Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where I Came From

If you know me well, you are undoubtedly thinking, "Another blog??" Yes, another blog. I have a family blog (password protected), photography blog, a project 365 blog, and a triathlon blog (dormant for a couple of years now). I like to blog.


 I am going to consolidate things a bit. The idea to write about things I'm working toward has been floating around in my head for a few weeks now. I want to keep my family blog private, as I discuss my kids in depth on there, and I like to respect their privacy. However, blogging about other topics publicly will allow me to connect with others with similar interests. It will hold me accountable to goals that I set for myself. I knew the things I wanted to write about: running (slowly), photography, being gluten intolerant, Christianity, living naturally, teaching English...I wasn't sure if I should focus on one of those things and briefly mention the others, or if I should try to figure out a title that encompassed all of them. It was on my runs that I'd think about possible titles. Then, I'd come home and Google them to see if they were taken.

I started with a predominantly running title.

Eat Pray Run (taken) or Teach Pray Run (also taken)

Run Like a Mother (taken and taken)

Reluctant Runner (taken and taken, too bad, because I liked this one a lot)

The Slow Run Home (not taken, but does the focus of the blog REALLY need to be on how slow I am? It also kind of has a negative connotation).

Then, I thought maybe I could focus on general goals in life. Trying a new recipe a week, running XXX miles, my photo a day, etc. This led to:

Goal Getter (taken)

Going on Goals (taken)

Going for the Goals (This was almost it. In fact, I started to set it up and then switched last minute.)

Within My Reach (not a blog, but some type of curriculum)

Maybe not goals. Maybe just living life?

More Than Alive (a bulk herb company)

One Day at a Time (not a blog, but an addiction recovery resource)

*Sigh* Super cheesy. Maybe a title with a photography focus?

Click Flash Run (Doesn't "flash" mean to run naked? I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea).

Shutter Runner (taken, too bad, I liked this one too)

Photography on the Run (another good one that is taken)

I finally settled with Running on Fumes.

Because I am.

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