Monday, March 12, 2012

One Last Move

I decided to go with a Wordpress blog instead of a Blogger blog. I have a lot more flexibility with Wordpress. It takes a long time to make things look pretty, so hang in there. Here's the new site (I promise I won't make you move links again):

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mountain Biking - Sylvan Island Park, Moline, Illinois

Today I tagged along with my husband and his friend on a mountain bike ride at Sylvan Island Park in Moline, Illinois. The tiny island is covered like a spiderweb with single track trails. I wore my Garmin watch, and you can see how much we looped over and over the same areas. I say "we" loosely because I was able to ride with them for a short distance, and then the trail would get technical and they'd drop me. Don't worry, they weren't being insensitive--I give them permission to drop me like a hot potato when we ride together. Before today, I hadn't been mountain biking in two and a half years. Before that, it had been 6 or 7 years, and before THAT, I never was really that good at it.

The nice thing about riding here is it's impossible to get lost. This works out nicely for people like me with no sense of direction.

Despite the fact that I had no one to ride with (was hoping to find some other ladies there but didn't see any), I had a great time. With the island being so small, I ran into the guys several times, and I'd ride with them for a bit and then either not be able to keep up or take a turn when they went on a technical trail. 

The island is a nice mix of very simple beginner trails and twisty, turny, more technical trails for advanced riders. You aren't going to practice your climbing or downhill skills here, but you can certainly work on turns and choosing good lines on single track trails laced with random tree trunks, old manufacturing building debris, and large rocks. 

After a couple of hours of riding, I'd had enough, so I did a bit of trail running on the island while I waited for the guys to finish. I'd love to go back and do more running there--I think it is even more suited to running with its small size and technical yet not-to-hilly trails. 

Where I Came From

If you know me well, you are undoubtedly thinking, "Another blog??" Yes, another blog. I have a family blog (password protected), photography blog, a project 365 blog, and a triathlon blog (dormant for a couple of years now). I like to blog.


 I am going to consolidate things a bit. The idea to write about things I'm working toward has been floating around in my head for a few weeks now. I want to keep my family blog private, as I discuss my kids in depth on there, and I like to respect their privacy. However, blogging about other topics publicly will allow me to connect with others with similar interests. It will hold me accountable to goals that I set for myself. I knew the things I wanted to write about: running (slowly), photography, being gluten intolerant, Christianity, living naturally, teaching English...I wasn't sure if I should focus on one of those things and briefly mention the others, or if I should try to figure out a title that encompassed all of them. It was on my runs that I'd think about possible titles. Then, I'd come home and Google them to see if they were taken.

I started with a predominantly running title.

Eat Pray Run (taken) or Teach Pray Run (also taken)

Run Like a Mother (taken and taken)

Reluctant Runner (taken and taken, too bad, because I liked this one a lot)

The Slow Run Home (not taken, but does the focus of the blog REALLY need to be on how slow I am? It also kind of has a negative connotation).

Then, I thought maybe I could focus on general goals in life. Trying a new recipe a week, running XXX miles, my photo a day, etc. This led to:

Goal Getter (taken)

Going on Goals (taken)

Going for the Goals (This was almost it. In fact, I started to set it up and then switched last minute.)

Within My Reach (not a blog, but some type of curriculum)

Maybe not goals. Maybe just living life?

More Than Alive (a bulk herb company)

One Day at a Time (not a blog, but an addiction recovery resource)

*Sigh* Super cheesy. Maybe a title with a photography focus?

Click Flash Run (Doesn't "flash" mean to run naked? I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea).

Shutter Runner (taken, too bad, I liked this one too)

Photography on the Run (another good one that is taken)

I finally settled with Running on Fumes.

Because I am.